Young Researchers Session

Undergraduate and graduate students in the sphere of sustainable construction and development are invited to the Young Researchers Session. The Young Researchers Session is part of the sb13 sustainability conference and will be held on the 23th of April 2013 in Munich. Young researchers are given the opportunity to present their projects, dissertations, etc. to an interested audience viagra. Following the presentations a discussion between all the participants will take place to identify the chances and the barriers facing the implementation of sustainability. The result will be presented in the sb13 closing statements.

This session is  organised by the students of the Technische Universität München (TUM)  in cooperation with  Fraunhofer ibp and the German PhD Network “Postgraduate Student Network for Sustainable Urban Development” (

Keynote Speaker

Dipl.-Ing. Hans Dörr (Vize President, Bavarian Chamber of Architects)

Niels Klabunde (Project Manager, Internationalization & Diversity, TUM Graduate School)

Nils Larsson (Director, International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment, iiSBE)

Zizheng Zhang (TUM Graduate School)